We are ADR

We practice ADR [Alternative Dispute Resolution] out of court methods and Mediation in particular, to resolve disputes, acting as Mediators, the third impartial party that facilitates communication and negotiation and promotes voluntary decision-making by the parties in dispute.

Confidentiality, voluntary participation, neutrality, assistance in communication, resolution on every type of dispute have made Mediation lately the most favored procedure for an ADR, as it incorporates all the values, methods and tools that can turn a conflict into a win-win situation for all participating parties. Mediation is worldwide used to enhance business deal making, to resolve or prevent conflicts in workplace, to facilitate parents in bringing up their children after a separation/divorce, even in teaching students how to create opportunities over a conflict with their peers.

Business Expertise

We are trained to use elaborated skills and methods which allow us to treat any conflict in a creative way, and to reveal an expanded scope of mutual interests, instead of a soar culmination of the dispute occuring in litigated cases.
Our Business Law background, together with our extended experience as Mediators and Mediation Trainers, enable us to offer sophisticated solutions to the crucial issue of debt recovery worldwide. We have come to design and provide top management corporate teams with custom made procedures to enhance corporate profitability, sustainability and resilience to the Greek Market.
We optimize business deal making by employing experts’ mediation tools and values. We maximize added value by revealing mutual interests and by building bridges among Servicing Management Companies, Investors, Banks and Borrowers. We work with them to contribute procedures driven by respect, loyalty and adaptability.
Procedures with a meaning for all involved parties.





Maria Faropoulou

Attorney at Law (LL.M)
Mediation Trainer


Maria Chatzileonida

Attorney at Law (LL.M)
Mediation Trainer

Mediation Training

We are passionate about sharing knowledge, know-how and expertise.

We believe in custom made training sessions that address the challenges that Mediators may come across in every kind of conflict.

Trainings by the Mediation Lab include:

·       Basic Mediation Skills

·       Advanced Mediation Skills

·       Mediation Advocacy Skills

·       Debt Related Training

·       Workplace Mediation Training

·       Family Mediation Training

·       Peer Mediation Training

·       Mediation Awareness Workshops