Environmental Mediation

the Mediation Lab

Conflict on Environmental and Climate Change issues, reaches nowadays an unprecedented climax as the subject is of most crucial importance for humanity but it also affects the greatest of financial interests world wide.

It is THE matter with as a multileveled impact as no other and it requires our focus in order to ensure continuance of the planet and Life.

We take as our baseline best practices mainly from Peace Building Processes worldwide, and focus
on the use of Mediation in the environmental field in terms of

Promoting it, as a means of finding appropriate and effective solutions for conflicts in the environmental field, by giving training to mediators on special skills, by informing and raising awareness of stakeholders and by engaging Mediators and Stakeholders to further practice and promote mediation,

Raising public awareness on the use of Environmental Mediation, both for preventing and resolving environmental disputes, by sharing and disseminating best practices and experience, with an aim to contribute to the change of behavior of the public and finally

Designing proposals on the implementation of Environmental Mediation, to be funded by EU relevant programs (LIFE, HORIZON)

Having measured all the above, Mediators, Negotiators, Peace Builders all over the world are now turning more and more to the use of Mediation for broad or broader conflict resolution as Mediation may offer a concrete and rapid recovery of the environmental and socio economic effects of environmental conflicts and a great deal of repair of fractured social relations as well as empowering of the social cohesion.