Business Mediation

the Mediation Lab

Business Mediation has proven to be the cost effective alternative to surrendering to a judge the right to determine the outcome of the dispute at hand. Actually Mediation in the late ‘80s was initially formed by business people who were tired of waiting ‘forever” for the judicial treatment of their dispute while they were paying legal fees.

Since then Commercial Mediation has evolved to a multifaceted beneficial tool with which apart from transforming commercial disputes, into win-win situations, businesses, enterprises and corporations can benefit with regard to deal making (especially cross border deal making), inside corporate conflicts, family business disputes, business development procedures including M&A processes, debt regulation situations, investments implementation and in so many other business aspects.

We, at the Mediation Lab, provide state of the art Commercial Mediation Services with a special expertise in cross border investment deal making for business people who are looking for SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) Agreements.

We are proud to have settled first mediated case in Athens, Greece, back in 2013 and 100% of the cases we have mediated since.

We also engage at preventing conflicts becoming disputes by constructing custom made corporate or deal procedures that ensure a smooth transition to the intended business goals.

We invest every year in keeping up with the latest progress in the Mediation field and in being in the front line of the world wide Mediation Community.

Business Mediation is:

Cost Effective

Time effective


Result Effective as to the outcome of the agreement

Enforceable equally to a Court Order or Court Resolution

Creative and oriented to business expanding