Workplace Mediation

the Mediation Lab

Conflicts in the workplace may result to profit loss as they always have a negative effect on productivity and morale. When a conflict within a specific professional environment occurs, it is usually accompanied by a lot of time spent retaliating, recruiting people to one side or the other, planning defenses and navigating the drama. More importantly, that’s time not spent being engaged with customers’ needs or doing the job employees are hired to do.
In any case, there are two things true about conflicts in the workplace, the one is that there usually exists a good solution to the problem and the second is that the parties would like to find a solution. However, there are times when those involved are not able to find their way through the conflict thicket to daylight.

Mediation can be the method for seizing the opportunity that conflicts present to improve the system and the relationships. Using an impartial third party, mediation guides participants towards finding common ground and reaching a mutual agreement without needing to go down the most formal – and often more costly – routes of grievance and discipline procedures or employment tribunals.
It has been proven that Mediation, apart from helping a specific conflict to be resolved in a mutual agreeable way, it also reduces the possibilities of creating new ones, as well as it increases the skills obtained by the employees, as they turn to be more effective in their own job (sellers develop negotiation skills, managers develop managerial skills, HR managers adopt best practices, etc.). All in all, they all acquire communication skills, which always are a great asset in order to avoid future conflicts and moreover, team spirit is developed focused on the common goal.

There are multiple benefits that result from providing mediation as an option for resolving disputes in the workplace

Productivity and morale are enhanced by the resolution of specific disputes and by the knowledge and confidence that there is a way to resolve disputes when they arise

Specific disputes can be resolved with the resulting benefits to the parties involved and to their co-workers, team, and the organization as a whole

With the mediation option available, staff will be less likely to leave conflicts unresolved or avoid them

Parties in mediation learn more effective communication and problem solving skills that they can bring back to the workplace

With the introduction of mediation into the corporate conflict management system, EEO complaints and lawsuits are significantly reduced.

We have often been employed to help companies with such conflicts. The normalization of employment relationships, the strengthening of cohesion and mutual understanding, the promotion of culture and diversity tolerance, the establishment of respect of the individual rights and differences, the creation of a common communication culture in conflict management and above all, the increase of the employees engagement were the results of our interference. As far as the employees are concerned, the Mediation process guided them in strengthening individual responsibility and active involvement, in normalizing the relationship between colleagues and the company management, in minimizing aggressive behaviors and, mostly, in enhancing interest for work and business.