Mediation Training

the Mediation Lab

The Mediation Lab values Mediation Training as much as Mediation Practice

Having a pioneering and significant experience in Mediation Training since 2013, the Mediation Lab endeavors to offer original Mediation Trainings based on mediation practice experience, interactive learning and an exhaustive follow up of Mediation Theory as this is evolving day by day.

Accredited Mediation trainers and expert practitioners lead the Mediation Lab Training programs:

Basic Mediation Skills

A ground-breaking program that incorporates international mediation experience and theory. An interactive program filled with original role plays inspired by diverse fields of life and mediation practice and tips that can ensure a Mediation accreditation as well as a successful, realistic mediation career.

Debt Related Mediation Training

A most influential and practitioner oriented original program, made especially to train mediators and other professionals such as lawyers, business consultants, valuators, debt recovery managers and corporate staff. Mediation Skills from A to Z, plus extensive reference to the legal framework that enables out of court debt recovery or debt restructure.

Mediation Awareness Workshop

Building of awareness on Mediation, its effectiveness and benefits, has always been regarded as an important goal for the Mediation Lab. With this 10 hours workshop we introduce special or general audiences to the concept of Mediation, offering them the opportunity to learn key benefits of the process and to identify and use key mediation skills in everyday life or in their own special situations. Workshop incorporates fish bowl demonstration of mediated cases.

Mediation Advocacy Skills

Everything that lawyers need, to become advocates of essence for their clients in a Mediation procedure. Empathy, conciliation, principled negotiations, tips about ADR and Mediation values and skills, a new landscape for attorneys who just need to be, without prejudice, creatively present during the Mediation sessions, for their clients.

Family Mediation

Mediators, who deal with family/divorce mediation practice, need to explore special skills, to facilitate parties’ communication, to smoothen intense feelings following a separation or divorce and to ultimately help them achieve a viable parental life in their new modus vivendi. The Mediation Lab’s Family Mediation Training, through an extensive combination of role plays and theoretical input from different disciplines such as psychology, law and neuroscience offers the participants the opportunity to deepen their mediation knowledge and to delve into those special aspects of a family mediator that can make a difference.

Advanced Mediation Skills

Refreshing of knowledge and a deepening in special mediation skills and methods, as well as a primer for mediators in negotiations constitute some of the educational objectives of this intense and experiential 20 hours training course, that can be attended only by mediators.

Workplace Mediation Training

HR Professionals, in house lawyers, complaints handlers and customer services representatives, as well as top management teams can be crucially benefited by attending this training, which is designed to be adapted and responsive to the special needs of each corporation or enterprise.

Peer Mediation Training

A highly interactive and entertaining educational program, already offered in several public (pro bono) and private schools in Athens and Thessaloniki. Students from the age of 10 years, learn to treat conflicts in a creative way, to mediate their peers and to become peace builders in their school and family environment.

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