Peer Mediation

the Mediation Lab

Upbringing children to become responsible adults.

We consider this service the most important contribution of Mediation to the society.

Here’s why:

Conflicts are a normal and inevitable part of our lives. Pupils and students, much like adults, are bound to have conflicts with peers over the course of their school years. It is not inevitable though that these conflicts have to be unproductive, ruin relationships, take time away from teachers, professors and parents or lead to violence.

Peer mediation is a voluntary process in which a student trained as a neutral third party helps other students in conflict, get clear about their concerns, better understand one another and come to a mutual agreement about how they want to handle their issues.

Using conflict resolution skills and the peer mediation process, students can begin to see conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something that triggers anger and frustration or sometimes violence and harassment.

During mediation a student (or a pair of students) listens to the other student present their side of disagreement and then helps them find common ground.
Listening well to understand each other better, provides a framework for
empowering students to reconnect as human beings and teaches appreciation for different perspectives.

Peer Mediation helps students develop conflict resolution skills such as
understanding conflict, confidentiality, effective communication, non violent communication, and active listening. The process invites practice in applying those skills in real life situations and helps them learn to settle potentially explosive situations in a positive and constructive manner.

what we do

Our ambition is to make a difference by training as many children and adolescents as possible and contribute this way to building a near future more balanced and harmonious adult society.