Family Mediation

the Mediation Lab

The emotional stress frequently associated with family disputes can be eased if treated out of court and within a flexible to the needs of the clients, informal but structured Mediation process.
There is no need for this process to become an infinite series of joint meetings between the parties and the Mediator. Actually, a more focused procedure narrows down the important issues and makes clear the objectives and targets to be agreed upon.

Given the importance of the matters at stake and their impact on people, we have worked out a precise procedure which first enables emotional relief and eventually leads to a clear understanding by the parties of the issues they have to take care of.

Consequently, as the parties get to trust the procedure and feel protected within the Mediation process environment they realize that they have no conflicting interes with respect to their children and work together to make a mutual decision regarding their new reality.
Having applied almost invariably the above procedure we are successful in settling the cases we have mediated.

We strongly believe that Mediation is the most appropriate procedure to resolve the
following matters:

Division of joint property

Wrongful removal of the child or parental abduction of children

Family business affairs

Cross-border family disputes between parents (spouses or partners) of different nationalities that may or not reside (or wish to reside) in different countries

Children’s custody, alimony and visitation rights in case of separation or divorce

We encourage separating or divorcing couples whether married or entered into a civil union, or cohabitating without marriage, heterosexual or of same-sex to trust Mediation Process to resolve their issues, as the process can ensure:

  • Confidentiality
  • Enforceability (equally to a court decision)

  • Realistic Agreements
  • Implementable Arrangements

  • Serious cost and time effectiveness
  • Continuing unobstructed parental relationship

We are vividly interested to enlightening and informing people with family issues – at broad- on how Mediation can work on their benefit and the interest of their children.